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Hi, I'm Oxey405

Welcome to my website ! This is my own place on the web, please come and visit (scroll down)

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About me

I am a young game/software developper born and studying in France.
I made first contact with computer programming when I was much younger, with Scratch.
I then learned a bit of Java. Currently, I use a lot of web technologies

I also tinker a lot with low-level programming languages and engineering.
Art is also one of my many passions, as is with science and learning in general.
I'm also a Minecraft enjoyer and love videogames in general. In one word, I'm a nerd.

Want to read my blog ?

I make a ton of small code experiments. Sometimes I post them on this website along with more serious projects.

If you are interested in reading more and maybe learning with me along the way, please take a small read....
I usually write casually nothing too serious so it's not a lot of text and comes with illustrations and even extras :)

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You want to have a chat ? Ask for some webdev advice or prehaps share your cool projects ?
I would love to hear your story, your projects or answer your questions on my Discord server :

Or prehaps you have something more profesionnal ? Maybe you want to test my worth and maybe hire me ?
Currently I AM looking for small missions like building a website or coding a small game for you...

Then please reach out by email (keep in mind I could respond less quickly than on Discord...)

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