Hi! My name is Oxey405.

I am a game developer and code enjoyer

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About me

Hi ! I'm Oxey405 known IRL as Alexis.

I am a young video games developer and I am an hobbist programer. I seek to become a software engineer.

I live in France and speak french and english fluently. I like programming and art.

I also make GDevelop tutorials in french and I do some youtube vids sometimes

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Take a tour on what I do

My videogames (🎮)

You can play all of my games on itch.io !
You can support me by donating but most of my games are free to play !

My coding projects

See all my projects here or on Github!

Contributions on GDevelop

I have worked on GDevelop mutliple times as it is my favorite game engine.


A scoreboard for Colors Slash

Read my blog

Read my blog and see what I create and how.